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Ad-Hoc and Hotspot Functionality with Killer Adapters in Windows 10

Users may wish to create an Ad-Hoc or Hotspot network with your Killer Adapter on your Windows 10 machine.

With Windows 10, all Ad-Hoc and Hotspot functionality has been officially moved away from the drivers, and into the operating system itself. The relevant article from Microsoft can be found by clicking here. 

If you would like to create a Hotspot or Ad-Hoc network with Windows 10, click Start, type Hotspot, and press Enter. All of the relevant settings for your Hotspot network will be on that page.

Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Screen
Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Screen


The Windows 10 version of our driver does not support the “Hosted Network” feature because Microsoft’s own WDI driver does not have support for this. Microsoft is having all wireless vendors move to the WDI model. Thus this feature will not work on Windows 10 drivers until after (and if) Microsoft expands support for SoftAP/Wi-Fi Direct, which appears unlikely. Because current Windows 10 drivers do not support the “Hosted Network” feature, if you run netsh wlan show drivers, you will see this if you will see “Hosted Network Supported: No.” This is working as intended with Microsoft’s requirements for Windows 10.

Hosted Network Supported: No
Hosted Network Supported: No


This will not prevent you from using the built-in Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot, which works with Wi-Fi Direct.

If you need the “Hosted Network” feature back for specific older applications that made use of their own Hotspot or Ad-Hoc features, you can load the Windows 8.1 drivers via Device Manager from our INF download. We have verified that this works, and have had confirmation from other users as well.

    For our guide on loading .INF drivers manually in Device Managers, click here.

    However, we cannot guarantee that Windows Update will not automatically update these drivers, or that they will work flawlessly with Windows 10, as they are, after all, Windows 8.1 drivers. Use Windows 8.1 drivers in Windows 10 at your own risk.

    Unfortunately, as the Killer Wireless-AC 1550 only has Windows 10 drivers, this workaround will not work for the 1550.

    Updated on April 17, 2019

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