Bluescreen Errors

Users may encounter bluescreen errors referencing “RfeCoSvc”, “bwcW10x64”, or “QCAmain10x64”.

If you are using the Killer Network Manager, this may be the cause of the errors. The Killer Control Center has replaced the Killer Network Manager, and the Killer Network Manager is no longer updated. The Killer Control Center is fully compatible with the E2200, E2400, and the E2500, as well as all of our Wireless-N and Wireless-AC network adapters.

If you are using the Killer Control Center, the error could be due to outdated drivers or an obsolete version of the Killer Control Center.

You can resolve most bluescreen issues by clean installing the latest Killer Control Center. Click here for our guide on clean installing the Killer Control Center. 

If you continue to see bluescreen errors that are attributed to our software or hardware after you have clean-installed the latest suite, please contact support using the button to your left and include a diagnostic.


Updated on February 15, 2019

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