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Do I Need To Configure The Killer Control Center?

Users have asked if they need to configure the Killer Control Center.

Other than running the speed test, which should be done whenever the user can minimize other network activity, the Killer Control Center runs very well as a background application with no user input whatsoever. Note that the Killer Control Center will ask for a new speed test for each new network connection – this is normal, and it will save the results for each network until the Killer Control Center is updated. The reason for this behavior is to get an accurate reading for the maximum allowable bandwidth from each network, as each network will have different limits.

The Killer Control Center will run in the background and prioritize latency-sensitive applications and throttle bulk downloads when you are at your maximum bandwidth on its own, without user interaction. It does this based upon a set of predetermined rules, which we update from time to time. The rules do not automatically update, but unless the user plays a lot of very cutting-edge games, or uses many newly released applications, these priorities do not fluctuate often.

If the applications in your Killer Control Center do not seem to be prioritized correctly, make sure you are running the latest version of the suite.

You can find the latest Killer Control Center, with the latest drivers, here for all Killer Wireless-n/a/ac (1435, 1535, 1525, 1550) and currently supported Ethernet adapters (E2200, E2400, E2500, E3000) with current versions of Windows 10 (1803+):

    And here for all Killer Wireless-N adapters (1102, 1103, 1202), regardless of operating system version. This version is also for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1:

      If you are already using the latest Killer Control Center, you can update app priorities by clicking Download Latest App Priorities in the Settings window in the Killer Control Center.

      You can also manually change the priorities in the Killer Control Center at any time by clicking the number beside any application or service in the Apps page of the Killer Control Center.

      In general, the default priorities are as follows (though there are exceptions as we tweak each app and service individually):

      • Priority 1 – Games, Speed Tests, Other Apps and Services Which Require Low Latency
      • Priority 2 – Chat Clients and Remote Desktop
      • Priority 3 – Browsers and Streaming Video and Music
      • Priority 4 – Updates and Update Services
      • Priority 5 – Bulk Update Services
      • Priority 6 – Cloud Storage and Other Bulk Transfers

      If you find a default priority that wrong, such as a game not set to Priority 1, click here to submit a priority change request.

      Updated on March 14, 2019

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