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How Do I Avoid Breaking Antenna Cables When Changing M.2 Adapters?


Please note that any time you choose to change your Wi-Fi module or any of your machine’s hardware, you do so at your own risk and liability. 

M.2 WiFi modules and their connectors continue to get smaller as system providers continue to make thinner notebooks and technology progresses – this makes it much more difficult to disconnect the antenna lead from the module by hand when changing M.2 adapters. To properly disconnect the antenna from the module, all wireless module makers now recommend using a specially designed tool. For the Killer Wireless AC modules, we recommend using an IPEX MHF4L 90609-0001. This tool will greatly reduce the chance of damage to the wireless module connector or the antenna connector. Unfortunately, if you are not a network administrator, you may find that obtaining such a tool is not easy, as IPEX does not sell these tools to the general public. From time to time, third-party resellers will sell this tool, but we do not know of any that do so consistently.

If you are unable to obtain such a tool, be sure you pull the antenna leads straight up off of the connectors, to avoid breaking the connectors off of the card. Using a jeweler’s or eyeglass repair screwdriver to very gently pull upward on the connector from beneath is best. When attaching antenna leads without a tool, try placing the adapter on a flat surface, lining the leads up on the receptacles, and then pressing down firmly, but gently, with a flat object, so that even pressure is applied. You should hear or feel a click when the connector goes into place. Very little pressure is required so if you find yourself pushing hard, you may be damaging the antenna connectors. If you damage either the connectors on the end of your antenna leads or the receptacles on the wireless adapter, you will experience very low, possibly unusable signal strength, even when very near your wireless access point.

Updated on February 14, 2019

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