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How Do I Remove The Killer Control Center?

We understand that some of our users might prefer to use a driver-only solution. However, the Killer Control Center is designed to do its job with minimal necessary input from the user, and with a small resource footprint. Therefore, if you are encountering any problem that you suspect is caused by the Killer Control Center, we highly encourage you to take a look at the Killer Control Center FAQ by clicking here. If you are having problems, you may be able to resolve that by clean-installing the latest version. Click here for our guide on clean-installing the Killer Control Center.

If you would like to talk to us about why you are removing the Killer Control Center, you can reach out to us and let us know by clicking the button on the left to contact support.

We generally reply very quickly, and our small and agile team of dedicated QA and support staff work together to duplicate and fix issues, often within days of discovery. Also, did you know that the Killer Control Center can help speed up your browsing experience, even if you aren’t gaming? Our prioritization technology will, on connections with limited speeds, such as shared hotel Wi-Fi, slow background downloads like Windows Update, to streamline data moving to your browser, which can have an enormous impact on web surfing speeds on slow and spotty connections. Of course, gaming comes first, but when you aren’t gaming, we still want your machine to be as responsive as possible!

However, if you would still rather use a driver-only solution, we do have that option available. You can easily switch to a driver-only installation by following these steps:

  1. Download our driver-only installer
    • Download our Killer Software Uninstaller tool
      • Run the Killer Software Uninstaller tool.
      • Choose Remove Killer Software. It will say RESTART REQUIRED when it is finished. Don’t restart just yet!
      • Restart your machine by clicking Start > Power > Restart
      • You may be tempted to stop here, as Windows will install drivers for most of our products. However, most of the drivers installed by Windows are older, problematic drivers, which is why we suggest installing the latest device drivers by running the driver-only installer which will install only the device drivers, nothing else.
      • Restart your machine if the installer calls for it.
      • You should now have only the latest device drivers installed, without any performance suite. You may want to bookmark this page for future driver updates.

      If this keeps appearing due to OEM or Microsoft Auto-Updates then please see this article:

      OEM Updates And Windows Updates causing issues with the Killer Control Center and drivers



      Updated on September 25, 2019

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