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Installing Drivers Using Device Manager

If you would like to install the Killer E2200, Killer E2400, Killer Wireless-N, or Killer Wireless-AC drivers without the Killer Performance Suite, and you prefer not to use our driver-only installer:

  …you can do so using these steps. Note that this will disable all network prioritization features.

This guide can also be used to troubleshoot errors in Device Manager. If you are troubleshooting an error in Device Manager, you can skip steps 3 and 4 as it is unnecessary to uninstall the Killer Control Center unless you prefer not to use it. 

  1. Download the latest Driver-Only INF package
    • Extract the content of the package to a folder that you will remember.
    • If you currently have the performance suite installed, you will want to uninstall it first by right-clicking Start, then clicking Apps and Features. Then uninstall all “Killer” labeled applications in this window, including anything labeled “suite” or “driver,” and restart your machine by clicking Start > Power > Restart.
    • Once your computer is ready, right-click Start, and click Device Manager.
    • Locate the Killer Network Adapter in your Device Manager. If it has a driver already installed by Windows, it will be located by its name under Network Adapters. If it has no driver installed, it will be named Ethernet Controller or Unknown Device.
    • Right-click the adapter, and click Update Driver Software… or Update Driver, whichever is available.
    • Click Browse my computer for driver software.
    • Click Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer
    • Click Have disk
    • Click Browse
    • Navigate to the location where you extracted the standalone driver package earlier.
    • From there, you will only have one option, which will be a folder called Production. Double-click that folder.
    • Double-click your operating system.
    • Double-click your network adapter.
      1. ETH / E2K / E2X / E3000 for all Ethernet Adapters (E2K:E2200-E2500, E2X:E2500v2-E2600, E3000:E3000)
      2. 11AC1525 for the 1525
      3. 11AC1550 – 1650 for the 1550 and 1650
      4. 11AC for the 1535/1435
      5. 11N for all Wireless-N adapters
    • There will be only one file. Double-click it.
    • Click OK
    • Select your exact model from the list and click Next

    The final screen should show that you have successfully installed the driver. You can now click on Close.


    Updated on January 14, 2020

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