LSP Not Mapped Correctly

If you are encountering this error while using a currently supported Killer Network Adapter, such as the Killer E2200, E2400, E2500 or any Killer Wireless Adapter, we suggest clean-installing the latest Killer Control Center.

Click here for our guide on clean installing the latest Killer Control Center. 


The Killer 2100/Xeno Pro employed an LSP (Layered Service Provider). While this is beneficial in allowing the Killer software to enable offload and lower latency, it is incompatible with some games, thus creating instability or crashes. If you are experiencing any crashes while playing games, we recommend that you ‘unmap’ the LSP. Prioritization and other Killer features will continue to function.

The Killer Network Manager application will warn you on each startup that the LSP is unmapped. You should choose ‘no’ to remapping. There is not a workaround to prevent the Network Manager from showing this message.

To unmap LSP, start an administrative command prompt and type or paste this command:

C:\Program Files\Bigfoot Networks\Killer Network Managerkillertool -lsp-unmap

…and press Enter.

Updated on February 18, 2019

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