Network Cable Unplugged

Some users may experience a “Network Cable Unplugged” error.

This error indicates that the computer does not detect power moving through the Ethernet cable. This is usually due to one of the following issues:

  • The network cable is either faulty or is not connected correctly. Unplug the cable from the computer and plug it back in. You should feel and hear a firm click. If there is no click, then the Ethernet cable is not seating correctly and needs to be replaced. Do the same at the other end of the Ethernet cable.
  • The Ethernet cable is damaged. If possible, try replacing the Ethernet cable with a known working cable.
  • Something between the computer and the router is not connecting correctly. If your Ethernet cable does not plug directly into your router or modem, then something in between may not be connected properly. If you are using any switches, hubs, or wall jacks, try bypassing these and see if that resolves the issue. If it does, then you know that whatever you bypassed is faulty.
  • Your Windows network stack has become corrupted, or a piece of networking equipment is not responding. You can resolve these issues by following our guide to resetting the Windows network stack and your networking devices. Click here for that guide. 
  • You are using virtual adapters that are malfunctioning. Try using the Windows Network Reset to reset your connection. This will reset the connection to any virtual adapters, and you will need to set these back up if you are using them. To use the Windows Network Reset, click Start, type Network Reset, click Network Reset, and follow the prompts.
  • Your machine’s BIOS needs to be updated. This issue can sometimes be caused by using an outdated BIOS. The BIOS is responsible for powering the Ethernet adapter. Check your machine or motherboard’s support page for instructions on how to update your BIOS.
Updated on April 15, 2019

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