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The speedometer shows the total internet traffic received by the system in real time. There is one speedometer shown for each broadband network (DoubleShot Pro allows the user to connect to multiple broadband networks).  Below the speedometer, user can see a list of all the applications and domains that have open network connections.

  • The applications list can be sorted by any of the column headers across the top.  Any changes made on the Overview page will also be reflected on the Apps page.
  • Set Speed Limits: This button shows up if the user has not input the internet speeds for the current broadband network.  Click this button to enter the internet connection speeds.   The results entered here are reflected as the maximum value of the speedometer.  Entering this information is important for optimal performance.  Once the speeds are entered, the button will disappear from this page and the Killer Symbol will show a green circle.
  • Adapter Status: The color to the left of the application indicates which Killer interface the traffic is running over.  DoubleShot Pro enabled systems will see multiple colors if two or more Killer products are being used.
  • PIN Setting: Allows user to place an application at the top of the list until user removes the pin. 
  • Priority Setting: Each application has a default priority.  Priority 1 is the most important, and Priority 6 is the least.  By default, games will be Priority 1, while downloads will be priority 6.  The user can change these priorities at any time. 
  • Application Name: Shows applications with open network connections.
  • Show Inactive Applications:  Can be toggled on/off to change between showing all applications that have had access to the network, or just those active at the current time.
  • Reset Data:  Used to reset all of the settings to default.  This will remove any personal settings input by the user.
Updated on January 10, 2020

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