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PC Wakes From Sleep Unexpectedly

Users may notice that their PC either wakes from sleep unexpectedly or does not stay in sleep mode. This issue may happen when:

  • You add a new machine with a Killer adapter to your home network
  • You add a new device without a Killer adapter to your home network
  • You add a new router or modem to your home network
  • You or Windows Update updates drivers on any network adapter on your home network
  • You update the firmware on any router or modem on your home network, or it is updated automatically
  • A machine has its operating system (Windows) reinstalled
  • Other various situations

This phenomenon is not limited to Killer Networking adapters. The issue is that the adapter is seeing a signal pass across the local area network that it perceives to be a Wake On LAN signal. The fix is to disable the Wake on LAN features on the network adapter installed on the machine that is waking unexpectedly. This guide will only disable your network adapter’s ability to wake your computer – it will not affect all other ways that your computer comes out of sleep mode, including the power button, USB devices, mouse, keyboard, or anything else. You will still be able to wake your machine as you usually do. To do this in Windows 10:

  1. Right-click Start
  2. Click Device Manager
  3. Double-click Network Adapters
  4. Double-click your Ethernet Adapter. If you have multiple adapters, and you are not sure which one is the Ethernet adapter, then you can either refer to the specifications for your machine or check these settings for each adapter. There is no harm in disabling these settings with each adapter unless you want your network adapter to be able to wake your computer.
  5. Click the Advanced tab.
  6. In the box labeled “Property,” find and click Wake on Pattern Match. 
  7. Change the “Value” to Disabled.
  8. In the box labeled “Property,” find and click Wake on Magic Packet. (this step may not be necessary in all cases, but if you are not planning to use Wake on LAN, there is no harm in disabling it)
  9. Change the “Value” to Disabled.
  10. Click OK, and then close the Device Manager window.

The computer should no longer wake unexpectedly.

Updated on February 18, 2019

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