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Problems With The Killer Network Manager

Some users have reported problems with the Killer Network Manager.

E2100, 2100, Xeno Pro

If you are using an E2100, 2100, or Xeno Pro, please click here. The Killer Control Center is not available for these adapters.

The Killer Network Manager is our outgoing performance suite. It is no longer being updated and does not contain the latest Ethernet or Wi-Fi drivers. We encourage all users of the Killer Wireless-AC 1525/1535/1435, Killer Wireless-N 1202/1103, Killer E2200, Killer E2400, and Killer E2500 to upgrade to the Killer Control Center.

Those using the Killer Wireless-AC 1525, 1535, or 1435 and any Ethernet adapter should use this version:

    While those using the Killer Wireless-N 1202, 1103, or 1102 should use this version:

      This includes users whose machines came with the Killer Network Manager preinstalled. There is no need to continue using the Killer Network Manager.

      For a smooth installation, we recommend using our clean-install guide for the Killer Control Center. Click here for the clean install guide.

      The old Killer Network Manager suite is still available for download here – 

      – but will no longer be updated, and may not be fully compatible with future Windows updates, antivirus suites, or other applications that manipulate network data. The final update for the Killer Network Manager was in April 2017.

      Updated on March 14, 2019

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