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Settings Page: Setting Bandwidth and SpeedTest Errors

We have had users report that they have had issues under the Settings Page. We will go over a few of the issues users reported and show you how to resolve them. The first issue is where users try to set bandwidth while not connected to the internet. The second is an error where some users run a SpeedTest and it causes an Download Test Error. Not all users experience these issues but for those who have, please use these instructions on how to resolve them. 

Bandwidth Error

When device is not connecting or connected to the internet, and users try to set bandwidth, it will cause error message, click “quit” and Killer Control Center will crash after. 

To resolve this issue please connect to your internet connection. This error only shows when you are not properly connected to the internet or were disconnected with out knowing. After you have reconnected to your internet connection then you will be able to properly set your bandwidth. 

SpeedTest Error

When running SpeedTest for the first time some users experience an error message, press “Retry” and the test cannot test the Upload Speed. It will show a “Download Test Error” or “Could Not Connect” error.

To resolve this issue please press “cancel” to close the error message then run SpeedTest again so it can run normally. This error usually happens due to errors from the server. You can choose to cancel, then choose another server in your region via the “Change Server” option on the SpeedTest portion of the Set Bandwidth page. 

If you are still experiencing issues with this please reach out to our support team and submit a ticket by clicking the red “Contact Support” button on the left. 



Updated on December 1, 2020

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