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Provides options for the user to customize their experience.  This shows basic network information for the user’s adapter, such as IP Address, MAC Address, etc. per unique broadband network.  If multiple Killer products are attached to the same broadband network, the user can see information for the other Killer product by selecting the toggle button next to the network adapter detail. 

  • Set Speed Limits: This allows the user to change the download/upload limits for each network.
  • Test Bandwidth button:  Starts an automatic speed test to calculate the maximum Download and Upload speeds.  It is best to use this when no other applications, or other devices, are using the network.  To save the values press OK.
  • Connection details: This shows the type of connection, IP Address, Gateway address, Net Mask, and MAC Address.  This will also display link speed, Wireless Band, and Signal Strength for wireless connections.
  • Killer Prioritization Engine (Formerly known as Advanced Stream Detect):  Detects and prioritizes online games, video, audio, and more for better quality and fewer interruptions.  When Advanced Stream Detect is disabled, network traffic will not be managed. 
  • Killer DoubleShot Pro: Allows multiple Killer products to operate at the same time.  It automatically picks the fastest network interface (Killer Wireless or Killer Ethernet) and sends high priority traffic over that interface.  It then sends standard traffic over the other interface.  This ensures the highest priority traffic will be on the fastest and most reliable link.  If this feature is disabled, traffic will not be routed between interfaces.  To move specific websites to another Killer interface, the user must also move the web browser associated with that website’s traffic.
  • Access Point List: Keeps track of the Access Points the system has connected to, and stores their download/upload settings.  This allows user to quickly connect at work, home, or elsewhere without having to set connection speeds each time.
  • Priority Routing: If DoubleShot Pro is enabled this option becomes available.  Priority Routing allows the user to customize what priority levels run over a specific Killer interface. By default, Priorities 1 – 5 traffic goes over Ethernet as it typically has the lowest latency and Priority 6 traffic goes over Killer Wi-Fi.  In systems with 3 Killer interfaces the user can customize even further. A Killer E2500 is required to use this feature.
Updated on June 29, 2020

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