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Shrewsoft VPN Connectivity Troubleshooting

We have had some cases where users have issues with connectivity when using the Shrewsoft VPN along with our ‘Killer Prioritization Engine’ technology (formerly referred to as ‘Advanced Stream Detect’).

Please ensure that before you perform the steps below, that you have reviewed the steps in this Knowledge-Base.

Shrewsoft VPN

If your connection is reconnecting constantly, then you are having an issue with the Killer Prioritization Engine technology conflicting with this software. Turning this feature off will allow your device to function as a normal network card with no QoS or any other manipulation along the way resolving any conflicts between the two applications.

How to turn off the Killer Prioritization Engine.

Open up the Killer Control Center, and you will find settings on the left hand side of the application, it will have a Cog Wheel beside it. Click on ‘Settings’ and you will find the Killer Prioritization Engine with a slider bar stating on / off. Make sure this is in the ‘Off’ position.

Connectivity Issues with other VPN

If you are having issues with any other VPN, please turn of the Killer Prioritization Engine to verify if the VPN you are using works properly. If it does please submit a ticket and inform us with details.


Updated on June 29, 2020

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