Troubleshooting VPN Clients

Previous versions of the Killer Control Center had some issues with some VPN clients. We have resolved these issues with the current releases.

  • We suggest clean installing the latest Killer Control Center. Click here for our guide on clean installing the Killer Control Center. Keep in mind that the Killer Control Center contains our latest drivers, and supersedes the Killer Network Manager that you might find pre-installed on your machine from the manufacturer.
  • If you still have issues with your VPN connecting after clean installing the latest Killer Control Center, please try restarting your machine, and then uninstall and reinstall your VPN software.
  • If that does not resolve the issue, try using the Windows built-in Network Reset feature by clicking Start, and typing Network Reset. Then, click Network Reset and follow the prompts. You will likely need to reinstall your VPN software again after doing this.
  • If the Network Reset does not resolve the issue with your VPN connecting, please try resetting your networking equipment and your network stack. Click here for our guide on resetting your networking equipment and network stack.
  • If that does not resolve the problem, please contact us using the button on the left. Please include the requested diagnostic. Also, in the body of your ticket request, please add these details, if possible:
    • Link to VPN client software, if publicly available
    • On what type of server is your VPN server running (Linux, Windows Server, etc.)? This would be the machine to which you connect when you connect your VPN, not your computer.
    • VPN Type (PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, etc.)
    • Authentication Type
    • Encryption Type
    • Any other specific details that either you or your IT team or manager deems pertinent for us to troubleshoot a VPN connectivity issue.
Updated on June 29, 2020

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