What Is The ImageCache Folder?

Some users may notice that the Killer Control Center makes use of a folder called ImageCache, where it stores various images.

ImageCache folders are used by our application to cache application and website icons so that the Killer Control Center does not have to re-download them each time they appear. For instance, if one frequents youtube.com, the Youtube icon will only need to be pulled once for use within our application, after it will save the icon in that folder for later use. These icons are tiny in size, so they rarely take up any measurable amount of disk space.

You can safely delete the contents of the \RivetNetworks\ImageCache directory if you wish. The only drawback you may notice is that the Killer Control Center may load a bit more slowly for the next few loads as it re-caches frequently used images. The folder will always repopulate over time and with use, just like any other cache folder.

Updated on February 19, 2019

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