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Where Can I Buy A Killer Networking Adapter?

The Killer Wireless-AC 1550 is currently available for sale here on Amazon. The 1550 is the only networking adapter that we offer for sale as an individual product at this time.

The Killer Wireless-AC 1550 is an M.2 Wi-Fi solution and is the single Killer Networking adapter that is officially for sale individually. It uses IPEX -MHF4 antenna receptacles, which are commonly found on M.2 Wi-Fi adapters. Physically, it is a direct swap for the Killer Wireless-AC 1435, 1525, and 1535, as well as numerous Intel adapters. However, before ordering and attempting to install, we suggest you verify the following:

  • Your machine’s mainboard has an M.2 slot keyed for Wi-Fi. Please note that most desktop mainboard M.2 slots are keyed for storage, not Wi-Fi. For a desktop machine, unless your motherboard states that it has a Wi-Fi M.2 slot, you will probably need to use an M.2 to PCIe converter. Click here to learn more. 
  • Your machine does not have a BIOS whitelist for Wi-Fi adapters, which restricts which adapters you can use by hardware ID – this isn’t common, but some computers implement this.
  • Your machine’s mainboard is capable of powering a 160 MHz M.2 Wi-Fi adapter. The community may be your best resource for this information.
  • You are comfortable changing the Wi-Fi adapter on your machine.
  • Your machine uses IPEX-MHF4 antenna leads, or you have the antenna converter pigtails to change the connecting ends to IPEX-MHF4 antenna connectors.

At this time, the adapter only ships to the United States. We are currently working toward shipping to the United Kingdom, but do not have a current timeframe. There are also other resellers who are also reselling the Killer Wireless-AC 1550, often to International buyers.

Unfortunately, our current line of Ethernet adapters is currently only integrated into motherboards and laptops of various manufacturers and not sold as individual units – this is due to different regulatory and system calibration requirements. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are interested in buying or building a computer with our Ethernet or Wireless built in, here are the brands to look for:

Machine manufacturers that use our adapters include Alienware, ASRock, Clevo, Dell, Gigabyte, Lenovo, Sager, MSI, and Razer, and some smaller companies like HIDevolution, who takes others brands and customizes them.

Motherboard manufacturers that use our adapters include ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI.

If you are looking for our tech, make sure you check which network adapters are used, as these manufacturers do not all exclusively use our network adapters. You may have to look at various models.

You may find that our other wireless adapters do show up online for sale from time to time. These are not authorized for resale by us or any licensed manufacturer, but may be sold as components removed from other machines. Be sure to keep that in mind when purchasing. We can only support adapters obtained in this fashion in a minimal capacity.

Also note that many laptop manufacturers use hardware IDs to lock out non-authorized Wi-Fi adapters, so swapping in another adapter may not be as simple as it seems. Be sure to check with your machine’s technical support or documentation before buying a different adapter.

Updated on February 15, 2019

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