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 Allows you to setup and configure connection sharing through xTend.

  • Overview:  Killer xTend integrates network switch functionality and Wi-Fi extender capabilities into your computer. This allows your computer to provide its network access to other nearby wired and wireless devices. Killer prioritizes your computer’s high priority traffic above other devices that connect to xTend.
  • Configuration:  The first toggle allows you to enable xTend for your ethernet adapters. The color on each adapter shows their current connection state. Next to each adapter is a toggle that allows you to choose which adapters are connected to the internet and which adapters act as switch ports. There may be an icon to the right of the adapter that you can hover over for more information.  Internet  shows that an internet connection has been detected through that adapter. Exclamation  shows that an internet connection is not detected through an adapter that has been set to Internet/DoubleShot.
  • Grey:  The adapter is disabled through the device manager.
  • Yellow:  The adapter is enabled, but unplugged.
  • Blue:  The adapter is connected to a device that is not providing the uplink connection for xTend. The connection can either be with an internet source that enables Killer DoubleShot or to another connected device that is using the network switch features of xTend.
  • Green:  The adapter is enabled, connected to a source with an internet connection, and is selected as your uplink (internet) adapter.
  • xTend Uplink:  This dropdown shows the adapters eligible to be the uplink and allows you to designate the uplink adapter. Adapters that are not eligible are not selectable. The adapter that is most likely to be your primary internet connection is labeled as “recommended” and may be automatically selected the first time you setup xTend.
  • Wireless Sharing:  This section allows you to setup a wireless hotspot, and share your internet connection to wireless devices.
  • Network Band:  : This dropdown allows you to force the hotspot to only use 2.4GHz(802.11abgn) or 5GHz(802.11n/ac).   “Any Available” is chosen by default. To the right of the dropdown is a status icon that you can hover over for information.
  • SSID:  This is the name of your wireless hotspot, visible to other devices that you wish to connect.
  • Password:  Choose the password (minimum 8 characters) for your hotspot.
  • Wireless Connected Devices:  Displays all devices that are connected to your hotspot.
  • Apply:  After changes are made to the xTend page, you must click the “Apply” button for them to take effect.



Wireless xTend:


 This enables Wireless xTend, which allows Killer Wireless to provide its network access to other nearby wireless devices.

  • Extend Current Network: This feature will be turned on by default when Wireless xTend is enabled. It automatically duplicates the SSID of the device that your Killer PC is receiving an internet connection from and enables your Killer PC to act as an access point using the same SSID. Other wireless devices will automatically connect to your Killer PC if it has the highest signal strength. Using your Killer PC as an additional access point will extend the wireless coverage of the current network.
  • Hotspot: When selected, you will have the ability to change the name and password of the hotspot. This feature also extends your home wireless coverage, but requires other wireless devices to log into the Hotspot before internet access is provided.
  • Duration: You can limit the Wireless xTend feature to the current session (until network connection is lost), or to always enable Wireless xTend when connected to the current network.

Please note, whenever you click “Apply Changes” you will override previously entered settings.

It may take Wireless xTend a few minutes to be fully functional.

Updated on January 10, 2020

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